Sunday, May 15, 2011

LifeWings: A Commitment To Safety

The Orthopedic Team is eagerly anticipating the launch of the LifeWings Patient Safety Program at St. Joseph’s Hospital in early June.  Through our organized service line efforts we have made tremendous progress in improving operational efficiencies and patient outcomes over the years but also recognize that continued and sustained improvement requires ongoing effort and intervention.
Physicians, nurses, and other support team members will participate in intensive training sessions specifically designed for St. Joseph’s Hospital by LifeWings Partners.  LifeWings is a team of physicians, nurses, pilots, and former astronauts that have adapted for healthcare the teamwork training framework used by commercial aviation.  Through interactive exercises, experiential examples, evidence-based strategies, and tools and checklists we will learn how to avoid the mistakes that are occasionally made by teams and improve the safety for our patients.
We recognize that the system and environment of care at St. Joseph’s can be purposely and methodically redesigned to achieve results even better than those produced now.  We applaud the investment that St. Joseph’s Hospital has made to bring this program to us.  It truly demonstrates the commitment to creating and sustaining a culture of safety for our patients.

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